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Victorian Membrane Supplies is the only supplier of high-quality, GCP waterproofing products in Victoria. You can come to us for exclusive access to the best supplies and training. This product is trusted across the world to protect properties from water damage. Call or email in your order today.


Our online GCP waterproofing productsmake it easy for our customers to find suitable products they are looking for.

what our client's say

We Build Lasting Relationships

“I have been involved in the paint and décor industry for years but I have never experienced such professionalism as offered by the team at VMS. Thanks guys! You made my most recent project a breeze. Definitely a 10/10, five-star experience.”
Jonathan Wang
“VMS are industry-leaders; there’s just no question. I was nervous at first because this was my first time to be in charge of booking a large-scale quote for my new boss, but the team at VMS helped me work out what kind of water-proofing products would not only get the job done but suit our budget. Thanks VMS! You helped me make a good impression at my new place of work and my boss is super-happy with the outcome. Definitely recommending you to everyone looking for the best possible service in water-proofing in town.”
Stella McAllister
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