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Water Proofing Inspection

Waterproofing Membrane Inspection

New building and construction projects may cost a lot more than you expected if you do not have proper waterproofing solutions. Whether it’s your home or you’ve invested in a new property, having a waterproofing inspection can help you in a lot of ways than you think. At Victorian Membrane Supplies, we offer a comprehensive range of external and internal waterproofing inspection services all across Melbourne.

Why Choose Us?

Victorian Membrane Supplies’ inspection services are designed by industry experts to help our clients get their property assessed professionally. Our waterproofing inspection services include investing roofs, balconies, drains, plumbing and much more.

We help our clients detect and manage risks associated with waterproofing. You can rely on us for our effective, non-destructive waterproofing testing. Our professionals carry out each test according to the Australian Standards.

Our Work Process

Once you share your inspection requirements with us, we will send our best professionals to your location. We take time to thoroughly assess and inspect various areas of your home whether internal or external. If there are any signs of defects or structural damage caused by water or moisture, we note them and prepare a detailed assessment report.

Our skilled and talented diagnosticians are happy to conduct waterproofing membrane inspection as per your requirements. The team comes prepared with all the diagnostic tools and equipment to identify areas of concern and come up with an immediate plan of action.

How Can We Help?

We understand that each sign of water leak may be different, which is why we use the latest waterproofing tools to evaluate the situation and extent of the damage. Besides assessing the problem area, we also offer effective drainage solutions for waterproof membranes.

If you’ve noticed wall or roof water leaks, you can count on our team for a quick resolution. We will help you choose from a wide range of waterproofing solutions and sealants to ensure your building’s structure remains intact even in the harshest external conditions.

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Your basement is one such area that needs urgent attention to avoid any water damage. Overlooking small signs of leaks can cause extensive damage to the building. Get the best basement waterproofing inspection services at Victorian Membrane Supplies. Here we help our clients by offering a quick and detailed inspection service on homes and existing properties. If you are facing issues with the waterproof membrane system of your basement, you can count on us.

Our team can assist you right from the initial design stage. We have in-house access to the best waterproofing inspection technology. Every step of the inspection is monitored by our qualified specialists. Together they work to determine the root cause of the problems and identify the potential damages caused by incorrect or no waterproofing installation.

Want to get your building inspected for waterproofing? Our team is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies to carry out thorough investigations and conduct quality checks no matter the size or type of your infrastructure.

For more details, please give us a call on 0407 561 000 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Areas Do You Undertake Home Inspections?

We inspect many parts of your home to ensure they’re safe from water damage. One of the main areas we focus on is basements because they often face water issues. Our waterproofing inspection team also looks at roofs, walls, and other spots. We aim to find and fix any problems so your home stays dry and safe.

2. What Types of Home Inspections Do You Do?

We specialise in a variety of inspections to protect homes from water damage. An essential service is our waterproofing membrane inspection. This helps ensure that the protective layers in your home are in top shape. We also do regular house and basement waterproofing inspections to find and solve water-related issues.

3. What types of solutions do you recommend for sealing my basement?

For keeping basements dry, we suggest a mix of solutions. After a thorough basement waterproofing inspection, we might recommend certain sealants or a specific waterproofing membrane. The goal is to stop water from getting in and causing damage. Every home is different, so we tailor our recommendations to your unique needs.

4. How do I know if I have a problem with water in the basement?

Signs of water issues include damp spots, mould, a musty smell, or even visible water pooling. If you notice any of these, getting a waterproofing inspection is a good idea. Catching and fixing these problems early can save you from more significant issues.

5. Why conduct fixing and waterproofing inspection?

Inspections are like check-ups for your home. They help find minor issues before they become big problems. A waterproofing membrane inspection ensures the protective layers of your home are working right. Regular inspections, especially in key areas like basements, can prevent damage, save money, and keep your home safe and dry.

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