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Water Proof Topcoat

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Waterproof Topcoat

Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life, it is your responsibility to maintain it in the best way possible. Whether it’s your roof, exteriors or flooring, you must have a tailored approach to ensure the longevity and durability of every area. Keeping this in mind, we at Victorian Membrane Supplies offer a unique product- waterproof topcoat paint to help our clients find an effective waterproofing solution.

This non-slip topcoat paint is a water and solvent-based additive formulated to make the surfaces more resistant and safer. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including steel, wood and concrete. As soon as you apply the waterproof topcoat, you can expect great results in a short span of time.

Using the topcoat will allow you to waterproof various areas of your home such as the walkways, deck, floors, steps and ramps without any hassle. You can enhance the strength of surfaces and make them resistant to constant weathering as well as abrasions.

What Makes Applying Waterproof Topcoat So Important?

If you’re renovating your property, now is the time to make your floors and surfaces both aesthetically great and functional. Slippery surfaces can be dangerous, having a reliable non-skid coating solution will retain the original look of the floors while enhancing their durability and slip resistance.

The waterproof topcoat paint is designed for an array of residential and commercial applications. If you need to add more strength to any surface or want to make it skid-resistant, then all you need to do is apply a layer of topcoat. With exceptional physical properties, the topcoat is not only water-resilient to water but also has very high UV stability.

The additive offers a quick, easy and effective way of treating surfaces. You can use the solution with paints and you won’t have to face problems such as water or chemical damage.

Looking for a refined topcoat solution? Get in touch with us today and receive expert advice and product recommendations.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Waterproof Topcoat Paint?

From balconies to decks, all such areas need a protective coating to ensure their safety and functionality. The waterproof topcoat paint offers the ultimate protection against external factors such as water and extreme heat. The topcoat consists of a waterproof membrane that will keep all your floors and surfaces well-protected for many years to come.

Victorian Membrane Supplies is a leading supplier of premium waterproofing solutions in Melbourne. Our topcoat paint products offer effective results by improving traction and extending the life of your expensive floors.

Another great feature of our waterproof topcoat is its ability to protect the floors and surfaces against daily wear and tear. It also works as a sealer and minimises floor damage whether it is concrete or stone.

If you’re searching for a waterproof topcoat paint that offers great weather resistance and a durable finish, we can help. Our high-quality topcoat products can be used to treat indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Feel free to browse our wide range of waterproofing products including our waterproof topcoat online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Many Coats Of Paint Do I Need?

Usually, you’ll need two coats of paint for a smooth finish. But if your wall is a very different colour from your paint, you might need more. Using a waterproof topcoat paint ensures the wall is protected from water, especially in wet places.

2.How Many Coats of Paint Do I Need Based on What I’m Painting?

For most walls, two coats should be enough. But for rough surfaces or very bright or dark colours, you might need an extra coat. Always finish with a waterproof topcoat to protect the painted area from water damage.

3.Do I need to use anything else on top of the waterproofing?

After waterproofing, it’s a good idea to use a waterproof topcoat. It gives an extra layer of protection. Think of it like a shield that keeps water out. Plus, it can add a nice shine or finish to the look.

4.What should be applied first for waterproofing, base coat or the top coat?

Always start with the base coat. It’s like preparing your wall to make sure everything sticks well. After the base coat dries, add the waterproof topcoat paint. The topcoat gives the final touch and adds that extra water protection.

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