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Water proofing membrane

Waterproofing Membrane Suppliers

Is your home showing signs of water damage already? It’s time to say yes to waterproofing membrane products. At Victorian Membrane Supplies (VMS), we have an extended range of waterproofing supplies made from the finest materials. They are formulated to provide a quick yet effective way of overcoming problems caused by water and moisture damage.

VMS’ shower membrane provides the perfect barrier for ultimate safety. If moisture-related issues have plagued your property for a long time, now is the time to get rid of them with VMS’ solutions.

Our membrane products improve structural integrity as well as the longevity of building structures. If you don’t use such products on time, it may lead to health risks or deteriorate your home’s interiors and exteriors. VMS’ shower membranes help resist harmful contaminants from entering your properties. Water infiltration is a thing of the past with VMS’ advanced solutions.

How Can We Help?

Different building structures require different waterproofing membranes, which is why we offer an array of waterproofing products that prevent water damage.

Whether it’s your roof, wall or basement, our membrane products effectively protect building structures from spalling, cracking or other water-based problems. Our shower membranes are highly flexible and work for a very long time. If you want to lead a stress-free life, choose the best products from our range.

We are one of the leading waterproof membrane suppliers in Melbourne, we supply high-quality and durable waterproofing products. The water-tight material secures surfaces from all types of water damage. This way you can save your time and money in future repair works.

Our shower membranes are highly elastic and durable. Whether you are looking for an end to water ponding, penetration or leakage – choose only VMS’ shower membrane. To prevent damage caused due to lack of waterproofing and to strengthen your building’s structure, contact us today.


Searching for a waterproofing membrane for concrete? Your concrete building deserves the highest quality protection. To attain the best results, choose our concrete waterproofing membrane. The high-performance and self-adhesive membrane protect the structure against gases, air and moisture. The waterproof membrane is applied to the wall, it controls the water ingress between the cavity wall membrane and the cellar wall. Then directs the water to the drainage system.

Advantages Of Waterproofing Membrane For Walls

Want to waterproof your walls? We can help. When it comes to strengthening the integrity of your building’s structure, there is nothing more reliable than our waterproofing membrane solutions for walls. Protect your interiors and exteriors against the entry of water and contaminants with our advanced waterproofing solutions.

When you use a high-quality waterproofing membrane like ours, you can get many long-term benefits and build a sturdy water resilient foundation for your home.

Why Does Your Shower Need Waterproofing?

Noticed the lack of seals in the shower tapware or tile grout? Use a waterproofing membrane for the shower to protect your shower area and tiles against water damage. If there is no membrane present, the masonry lines will start absorbing water and will eventually lead to water damage.

  • Effectively prevents water from penetrating right through the grout lines.
  • Keeps the surface protected over a long period of time
  • Creates a waterproof barrier between concrete and external elements
  • No water infiltration
  • Prevents the entry of contaminants into the structure.

If you want to buy high-quality waterproofing membrane products for your bathroom, look no further than Victorian Membrane Supplies. We are backed with years of industry experience; you offer product guarantees along with quick delivery services.

For more details, give us a call on 0407 561 000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Water Based waterproofing membrane?

A Water Based waterproofing membrane is an eco-friendly solution that solidifies to form a continuous, strong barrier against water. Being water-based means it has a lower volatile organic compound (VOC) content, making it safer for the environment and the users. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers a range of waterproofing membrane products suitable for different kinds of applications, including water-based options.

2. Why is thickness important for waterproofing membrane?

Thickness plays a crucial role in ensuring the durability and effectiveness of the waterproofing membrane. A thicker membrane protects against water penetration, wear and tear, and external factors. Moreover, a wider application gives a better coverage. Victorian Membrane Supplies provides detailed specifications for their waterproofing membrane products to achieve maximum amount thickness and performance.

3. What is the best way to do a waterproofing of an old concrete roof?

For an old concrete roof, cleaning and repairing any cracks or damage is essential. After preparing the surface, apply a waterproofing membrane for concrete. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers specialised products that bond well with concrete, ensuring long-lasting protection. Always ensure proper application thickness and overlap for the best waterproofing results.

4. How to waterproof your walls?

To waterproof walls, start by cleaning and repairing any damages. Use a primer if recommended. Then, apply a suitable waterproofing membrane for walls. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers a range of products designed to adhere well to vertical surfaces, preventing water infiltration. Ensure even coverage of the wall or structure and pay special attention to seams, joints, and potential leak points.

5. How to waterproof a shower?

Waterproofing a shower is very important to prevent moisture damage. Begin by cleaning the area and fixing any damages. Apply a primer if required. Then, use a specialised waterproofing membrane for shower to create a barrier that cannot be penetrated. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers products especially designed for wet areas, giving lasting protection against water. For wide coverage, remember to keep a keen eye on corners, joints, and floor-wall intersections.

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