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Water Proofing Sealant

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Waterproofing Sealant

Melbourne homeowners are becoming more inclined towards the idea of waterproofing their homes as it protects their living space against water leaks and moisture. If you want to improve the structural integrity of your home or building, then we at Victorian Membrane Supplies (VMS) recommend you choose our waterproofing sealant product. It is formulated to protect and strengthen your home against natural elements and adverse weather conditions.

VMS’ water sealants protect your property from leakage, rain, snow and other types of moisture. Our sealants provide a waterproof barrier that completely blocks out any water flow.

You can think of it as an effective way of securing your home rather than an added renovation expense. Our robust sealants are strong enough to endure external elements such as air, water and moisture. These water sealants also protect your walls and ceilings from staining, abrasion and UV rays. Our sealants are aesthetic and merge well with your paint colour.

Why Choose A Waterproofing Sealant For Your Basement?

Being a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure your building is well protected against water. If you don’t deal with water leakage issues on time, it may begin to affect your home’s appearance. Visible cracks and leakage stains will weaken the base’s structure both internally and externally.

When it comes to improving your basement, you can rely on our supplies to protect it against flooding and other water-related problems. Using waterproofing sealant for the basement is a good way to retain your property’s structural integrity and appearance. The sealants provide more robust protection to your home for a long period of time. Our water sealants work in all kinds of conditions and are ideal for both – indoor and outdoor use.

Our sealants offer effective waterproofing on a wide range of surfaces. You can use them to fill and seal surface cranks. If you’re planning a home renovation or construction, then you can use our sealants. They are perfect for making colour corrections as well.

Whether you need water sealants for dry, wet or damp conditions – choose only VMS. The sealants are easy to apply and lightweight.

Browse The Best Waterproofing Sealants Online

Victorian Membrane Supplies brings a wide range of waterproofing supplies formulated to troubleshoot the problems of wet basement walls. We believe that having high-quality waterproofing sealants during the pre and post-construction stages will help you maintain the aesthetics of your home. Our sealants are highly flexible; they work well under high and low temperatures. Aside from being water-resistant, they are also resilient to chemicals.

At Victorian Membrane Supplies, we help our customers choose from the best and safe waterproofing products as per their individual needs. We take time to assess our customer’s needs and recommend suitable waterproofing solutions depending on the following factors:

  • Type of surface that requires waterproofing
  • Density of water to pass through the surface
  • Climate of the area region
  • Possible moisture content in the building

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Protect Your Basement With Waterproofing Sealant

Neglecting your basement may lead to expensive future repairs. If you’re beginning to notice moisture on your basement walls or need an effective waterproofing material during construction, we can help.

The waterproofing sealants will prevent cracks and water penetration. Our long-term waterproofing solutions fit every budget and need. You can make the most out of your basement space while preventing allergies and dampness.

No matter the size or shape of your basement, we’ve got you covered. Our waterproofing supplies are ideal for a variety of sealant applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do I Need Water Sealing?

Water sealing is crucial in areas prone to water exposure or accumulation. It is significant for basements, bathrooms, balconies, and roofs. Using a waterproofing sealant ensures that these areas remain protected from moisture, preventing structural damage and mould growth. Consider Victorian Membrane Supplies’ range of waterproofing sealant for basement and other susceptible areas to guarantee long-lasting protection.

2. What’s the difference between water proofing & wet sealing?

Waterproofing provides a complete barrier, preventing water penetration, while wet sealing protects against dampness without entirely stopping water. A waterproofing sealant ensures a strong barrier, preventing even the tiniest water molecules from seeping in. Wet sealing might still allow some water ingress but offers protection against dampness.

3. Can I apply a new sealant over the old sealant?

Yes, you can apply a new sealant over the old one. However, make sure that the old layer is clean, debris-free, and well-adhered. Suppose the old sealant is flaking or deteriorating. In that case, removing it before applying the new waterproofing sealant is best to achieve best results.

4. Which sealant can prevent mould?

Mould growth is encouraged by moisture. To prevent mould, a waterproofing sealant must be used to offer excellent moisture resistance. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers sealants specifically designed to resist mould growth by ensuring areas remain dry, especially the waterproofing sealant for the basement, which is more prone to mould due to its sub-ground level positioning.

5. How to use roof sealants?

To use roof sealants:

  • Start by cleaning the roof surface thoroughly.
  • Once it’s dry, apply the waterproofing sealant evenly across the surface using a brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • Ensure you cover seams, joints, and any potential leak points generously.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided by Victorian Membrane Supplies to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
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