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    high-quality gcp waterproofing products in victoria
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  • Materials

    You Can Trust
    high-quality gcp waterproofing products in victoria
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  • Materials

    You Can Trust
    high-quality gcp waterproofing products in victoria
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Waterproofing is the process of applying impermeable layers on various parts of a building including foundation surfaces, walls and roofs. This is done to ensure an impermeable barrier is created to prevent water from penetrating the surfaces. If you’ve recently purchased a new home or property, then you must go for waterproofing in Melbourne.
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Victorian Membrane Supplies (VMS) provides a wide range of waterproofing products in Australia to improve the structural durability of your property. Our solutions help avoid expensive repairs in the future and enjoy a hassle-free experience.


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We only offer GCP products because they are durable and effective. Our team carries a wide variety of waterproofing supplies, so we can supply you with the GCP products you need to waterproof your property.


Our experienced team members will teach you how to properly apply any of the waterproofing products we sell. When you work with us, you won't have to worry about any improper application because we will train you.


If you are still nervous about the application of the product, we will send an expert team member to check the quality of the waterproofing job. This inspection ensures that your buildings are protected from water. VMS’ waterproofing products in Australia help optimise the energy efficiency of your property. Our solutions help maintain a good health by preventing disease.


With the increase in water content, the performance of concrete used to make the building gradually reduces. If your building’s structure is not protected from water, it is prone to structural damage and degradation. This further allows water to pass through the capillary gaps, hence resulting in corrosion and loss of concrete strength.

Victorian Membrane Supplies’ waterproofing products in Australia help protect your interior décor, furniture and other items.

GCP Waterproofing Products

Our online GCP waterproofing products make it easy for our customers to find suitable products they are looking for. One such product is GCP Aquaguard which is a one-part, polyurethane membrane formulated for waterproofing. They create a seamless layer, eliminating joins and seams. Perfect for quick application, they can be applied without flame and heat.

Our waterproofing products in Australia dry quickly and create a strong bond with the surface. Any chance of leakage is completely eliminated with VMS’ solutions.

If you are searching for effective, non-slip waterproofing products, discover our comprehensive range of products today. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we offer next-day delivery.

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“I have been involved in the paint and décor industry for years but I have never experienced such professionalism as offered by the team at VMS. Thanks guys! You made my most recent project a breeze. Definitely a 10/10, five-star experience.”
Jonathan Wang
“VMS are industry-leaders; there’s just no question. I was nervous at first because this was my first time to be in charge of booking a large-scale quote for my new boss, but the team at VMS helped me work out what kind of water-proofing products would not only get the job done but suit our budget. Thanks VMS! You helped me make a good impression at my new place of work and my boss is super-happy with the outcome. Definitely recommending you to everyone looking for the best possible service in water-proofing in town.”
Stella McAllister

Waterproofing for All Projects

At Victorian Membrane Supplies, we sell high-end products that are used in projects all across the world. We are the exclusive providers of GCP products in Victoria, and we will teach you how to properly apply and use the products. We serve businesses in Victoria and Carrum Downs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Waterproofing is the process of making a structure, especially surfaces or materials, resistant to water entry. At Victorian Membrane Supplies, we offer a variety of waterproofing products Melbourne residents can trust, ensuring that structures remain dry and damage-free.

    Waterproofing is very important to protect structures from water damage, which can lead to deterioration, mould growth, and foundation issues. Our Waterproofing Supplies in Melbourne safeguard properties from potential water-induced damage and enhance their longevity and value.

    While some homeowners might try DIY solutions with waterproof supplies, hiring professionals experienced in waterproofing Melbourne homes is highly recommended. They have the proper knowledge, techniques, and products to ensure effective and lasting results.

    Internal waterproofing targets the inside of a structure, using products designed to prevent water penetration from the interior. In contrast, external waterproofing focuses on the outside, preventing water from entering the structure in the first place. Victorian Membrane Supplies offers solutions for both, catering to diverse waterproofing Melbourne needs.

    Applying a negative pressure membrane involves priming the surface and then laying the membrane for best water resistance. It’s vital to ensure no air bubbles or gaps, especially in negative waterproofing. For the best results and our products in Waterproofing Supplies Melbourne, consult with Victorian Membrane Supplies experts.

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