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ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane

Low-odour, heavy-duty-trafficable, polyurethane waterproofing membrane

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A tough, resilient, two-part, polyurethane elastomer membrane producing long-life waterproof protection. It is a premium grade, low VOC elastomer using the latest technology to provide long-life, protective barriers to prestigious construction projects.

Product Advantages

  • Fast application by 5mm notched squeegee in 1 coat, or by roller in 2 or more coats
  • Long-life, permanently flexible
  • Total adhesion – no water tracking
  • Fully monolithic structure
  • High resistance to puncture and damage
  • High resistance to ponded water
  • UV-resistant (colour stable with ULTRAURE™ A-80 Non-Slip Top Coat applied over)
  • Wide service temperature range (-40ºC to 100ºC)
  • Hard-wearing, non-slip surface
  • Designed to cope with both pedestrian and vehicle (car) traffic


ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane and ULTRAURE™ A-80 Non-Slip Top Coat system are suitable for:

  • Exposed roofing, decks and podiums
  • Car parks and ramps
  • Compactor room floors, plant rooms and wash rooms
  • Sport stadium service-ways, plats and vomitories
  • ULTRAURETM A-80 Membrane may be used alone as a protective, impact-resistant, resilient, internal flooring to laboratories, sports centres and gymnasiums.
  • The ULTRAURETM A-80 Membrane system can be applied to most clean, dry, stable surfaces including concrete, precast, fibre cement sheet, concrete masonry, brick, render, metals and some plastics.

System Components

  • ULTRAURE™ A-80 – two-part PU membrane
  • AQUAGARD™ M Clear Primer – 1-part solvent based PU primer for dry cementitious, masonry, metal and timber substrates EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear – 2-part, water borne epoxy primer for green, damp or dry cementitious, masonry and metal substrates EPOCOTE™ F100W Grey – 2-part, water borne, filled epoxy primer for green, damp or dry cementitious, masonry and metal substrates, or poor quality/damaged concrete
  • ULTRAURE™ M Non-Slip Top Coat – 2-part, solvent based, UV stable PU, protective top coat. Only used over
  • SILCOR® LM PU Sealant – 1-part polyurethane sealant for detailing and joint sealing


Substrates must be structurally sound, smooth, clean and dry. Remove all dust, laitance, loose matter, oils, curing compounds, form release agents, or other contaminants.

Concrete should have a minimum strength grade of 25 MPa, and be moist-cured as required by AS 3600. Minimum age of concrete at time of waterproofing application should be 14 -28 days depending on concrete thickness and GCP primer being used.

Use SILCOR® LM PU Sealant to fill joints, cracks, gaps and form angle fillets to internal corners or penetrations. Allow minimum 24 hours of curing for sealant.


  • Resurfacing of previously painted surfaces will require total removal of existing coatings to expose bare, clean substrate. Machine grinding is the preferred method.
  • Mix ULTRAURETM A-80 Polyol component with a slow speed stirrer before use, without entraining air.
  • Preferred application temperature range is between 5°C and 30°C.



To inhibit pin-holes and seal porous surfaces where substrate moisture content is less than 5%, use one coat of AQUAGARD™ M Clear Primer at minimum 0.3 kg/m2 (0.3 litre/m2) and allow to dry tack free.

Use EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear to seal any damp or green concrete with moisture content less than 10%. Roughen PVC or stainless steel and wipe with Xylene before priming with EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear. Allow primer to dry tack free.


Measure each individual ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane Polyol and Isocyanate component accurately by weight into a clean container and mix thoroughly with an electric stirrer (300 rpm). Preferred material mixing and application condition is 10°C – 30°C and RH <85%.

Typical Properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Colour Grey
Specific Gravity 1.2 g/ml
Solids % Vol > 97
Cure Time – Ready for Flood Test, Tiling, Topping 12 hours
Mix Ratio (w/w) 1: 1
Pot Life (20ºC) 30 minutes
Tensile Strength > 8.8 MPa
Elongation > 350% ASTM D412
Shore A Hardness 80 ± 5 ASTM D2240
Chemical Resistance Excellent ASTM C543


ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane

Apply ULTRAURE™ A-80 membrane to primed and previously detailed areas, at or above the minimum required thickness in:

  • One coat by 5mm notched trowel/notched squeegee;
  • Two or more coats by roller, allowing to cure 12 to 24 hours between coats.

Required minimum thickness is dependent on installation area, type of use of the area, topping or membrane protection being employed and product warranty period required, and will be specified in the GCP project specification or architect’s specification. Where not specified, a minimum total Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1.5mm must be employed (total Wet Film Thickness (WFT) = 1.8mm/approximately 2.4kg/m2).

Test WFT during application using a WFT gauge and adjust applied thickness accordingly. Continue membrane to turn-ups by a minimum 100mm above finished surface level, or as detailed in project specification.

Where a high rating non-slip finish is required, apply membrane by a two stage process as follows:

  1. Apply membrane as described above and allow to cure for a minimum 12 hours to maximum 24 hours.
  2. Apply an additional coat at 0.4mm WFT and broadcast with non-slip aggregate while still wet. Allow to cure for a minimum 12 hours, remove loose aggregate and apply ULTRAURE™ A-80 Non-Slip Top Coat as detailed below.

ULTRAURE™ A-80 Non-Slip Top Coat

Apply ULTRAURE™ A-80 Non-Slip Top Coat by roller or air-less spray system in 2 coats at minimum 0.3kg/m2 (minimum 0.15kg/m2 per coat). Allow 24 hours curing before opening area to foot traffic. Allow 5 days curing before allowing vehicle traffic.

Where non-slip aggregate broadcast has been employed, top coat requirement will increase significantly (0.6 to 0.9 kg/m2).


The finished ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane may be subjected to foot traffic 8 hours after installation but 5 days curing should be allowed before vehicles are driven over the surface.

If required for functional or aesthetic reasons, areas of ULTRAURETM A-80 Membrane may be covered with optional surfacing systems, after full curing.

  • Tiles

Consult GCP Technical Service for details.

  • Landscaping

Use PROTECTOBOARD™ or RAPID-DRAIN™, followed by landscaping.

  • Rigid Surfaces

Use two layers of 0.2mm polyethylene slip-sheet under concrete toppings. Lay paving slabs supported on mortar bed.

Supply and Packaging

Product Package Size
ULTRAURE™ A-80 Membrane 36 kg set
AQUAGARD™ M Clear Primer 17 kg drum (17.9 L)
EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear
– Resin
10 L pail
EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear
– Hardener
10 L pail
– Resin
10 L pail
– Hardener
10 L pail
SILCOR® LM PU Sealant 600 ml sausage
ULTRAURE™ M Non-Slip Top Coat
– Resin
15 kg drum (13.2 L)
ULTRAURE™ M Non-Slip Top Coat – Hardener 3 kg can (3.0 L)
PROTECTOBOARD™ 1830 x 1220 x 3mm
PROTECTOBOARD HS™ 1830 x 1220 x 4mm
RAPID-DRAIN™ 15240 x 1220 x 10mm

Shelf Life

Do not store product exposed to weather and sun. When kept in a cool, dry, protected area, sealed pails have a 12-month shelf life, but once opened may solidify within a few days.


Use MULTITEK™ Xylene before curing. Exercise care when using solvent, review all Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.

Health and Safety

In case of spills and accidents, refer to the MSDS of the products or when in doubt contact your local GCP representative.

Always wear protective clothing, gloves and protective goggles when handling chemical products.

For full information, consult the relevant MSDS.


Minimum applied thickness required is dependent on intended areas of application and warranty period desired. Consult your GCP sales representative or the GCP Technical Department for further information.
Cure rate is affected by temperature. High temperatures will cause rapid cure and reduced pot life. Low temperatures will significantly extend cure time. Information contained in this document does not cover all possible application scenarios or imply product suitability for an application.

Please contact your local GCP representative or the GCP Technical Department for further information.


GCP and contractors recognised by GCP as experienced in the application of GCP products will provide product warranties for individual projects. Product warranty periods offered are dependent on project details and complexity. Requests for very long product warranty periods may necessitate increased membrane thicknesses to ensure longevity. Contact your local GCP representative for further details.

Release Date: 02/11/18. The information contained in this product data sheet supersedes all previous versions.

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