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AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat

Two-Part UV Resistant Protective Coating

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A tough, fast curing, non-slip, aliphatic polyurethane coating designed for protection of AQUAGARD™ M membrane systems in all exposed situations. AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat is UV resistant – it provides a durable, service foot-trafficable finish to roof and deck areas.


AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat is used for colour-fast, non-slip exposed areas on plant room and lift motor room roofs, balconies, decks, perimeter turn-ups, penetrations and sill or window flashings.

It may be used to give colour fast protection to all grades of AQUAGARD™ M waterproof membranes used in exposed external situations.


  • Simple application, easy to use and fast cure
  • UV Resistant and foot trafficable
  • Fire Resistant
  • Fast Cure – Quick access for trades
  • Permanently flexible – total adhesion
  • Immediate Resistance to rain damage

AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat may be painted or tiled as required, after first sealing with EPOCOTE™ F100W Grey.


Surface of AQUAGARD™ M membrane must be clean and dry.


Mix each component separately with a clean stirrer blade, then combine together in a clean dry container and mix thoroughly with high speed dissolver for 5 minutes prior to application. Mix ratio Resin : Hardener is 5:1 by weight.

Apply in two coats by brush or roller – apply second coat in cross direction to the first to give a uniform finish.

For spraying use a single wet-on-wet spray application.

Do not use mixed product once it has become thick and stringy, it should be discarded.

Do NOT add solvent.

Typical Properties

Drying Time @ 25ºC 2 hours
Shore Hardness 75-80°A
Tensile Strength (AS1145) 2 MPa
UV Resistance (System) Excellent
Fire Resistance UL Class A


AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat A/B mixed – minimum 0.3kg/m² for minimum 0.15mm Dry Film Thickness (DFT).

Supply and Packaging

AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat Resin Grey – 15 kg pails

AQUAGARD™ M Non-Slip Topcoat Hardener – 3 kg pails

Shelf Life

Do not store product exposed to weather and sun. When kept in a cool, dry, protected area, sealed pails have a 12-month shelf life, but once opened may solidify within a few days.


Use MULTITEK™ Xylene or methylated spirits before curing. Exercise care when using solvent, review all Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.

Health and Safety

In case of spills and accidents, refer to the MSDS of the products or when in doubt contact your local GCP representative.

Always wear protective clothing, gloves and protective goggles when handling chemical products.

For full information, consult the relevant MSDS.


Information contained in this document does not cover all possible application scenarios or imply product suitability for an application. Please contact your local GCP representative or the GCP Technical Department for further information.


GCP and contractors recognised by GCP as experienced in the application of GCP products will provide warranties for individual projects. Warranty periods offered are dependent on project details and complexity. Requests for very long warranty periods may necessitate increased membrane thicknesses to ensure longevity.

Contact your local GCP representative for further details.

Release Date: 02/11/18. The information contained in this product data sheet supersedes all previous versions.

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