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EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear

General Purpose, Clear, Water-Based Epoxy Primer and Sealer

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A clear, two-pack, water-based epoxy primer and sealer with extraordinarily long-pot-life that quickly cures to a fully-bonded primer or tough, chemically resistant sealer.

Product Uses

  • Primer on damp or “green” concrete substrates for BITUTHENE® LM, AQUAGARD™ polyurethane and NEWFLEX™ water-based membranes.
  • Sealer to prevent efflorescence and calcium leachate staining on surface of tiles and step risers.


  • Very low VOC and low odour
  • Long-pot-life, fast-cure, no waste
  • Simple and economical application
  • Easily mixed full sets, easy clean-up
  • Also bonds to damp or green concrete – 10% maximum moisture content to damp or green concrete


Substrates must be structurally sound, smooth, clean and dry. Remove all dust, laitance, loose matter, oil, curing compound, form release agents, or other contaminants.

Concrete should have a minimum strength grade of 25 MPa, and be moist-cured as required by AS 3600. Minimum age of concrete at time of waterproofing application should be 14 -28 days depending on concrete thickness and GCP primer being used.


Detail according to NCC, and AS 4654.2 and AS 3740 requirements for external above ground and internal wet areas, respectively. Detailing should be completed before priming process starts.


Add Part B to Part A, mix for 3 minutes using a slow speed mixer – allow to stand for 5 minutes and then re-mix.


Apply undiluted EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear by brush or roller. For porous concrete substrates prone to pin holes, prime using EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear diluted 10% with clean water. Apply undiluted EPOCOTE™ F100W Clear within 24 hours as second coat.

Typical Properties

Property Typical Value
Mix Ratio (by wt or vol) 100:100
Solids Content (undiluted) 40%
Pot Life 60 minutes @ 25°C
Tack Free Time (0.1mm) 2-4 hours @ 25°C / 60% RH
Application RH <80%
Application Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Maximum Re-coat Time 24 hrs @ 20°C


  • Pot-life will reduce in hot weather. Cold weather or application onto cold surfaces will slow curing time.
  • Take care to discard material that has started to get gel.


Generally – 0.25 kg/m2 (4m2/litre) dependent on substrate condition.


EPOCOTE™ F100W–Clear

20 kg sets (approx. 20 litre)
4kg sets (approx. 4 litre)

Shelf Life

Unopened containers have 12-month shelf life from date of manufacture, when stored in a dry, cool place.


Generally throw-away brushes and rollers are used. Water will remove uncured product. Xylene may assist removal of gelled product.

Health and Safety

In case of spills and accidents, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the products or when in doubt contact your local GCP representative. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and protective goggles when handling chemical products. For full information, consult the relevant MSDS.


Information contained in this document does not cover all possible application scenarios or imply product suitability for an application. Please contact your local GCP representative or the GCP Technical Department for further information.


GCP and contractors recognised by GCP as experienced in the application of GCP products will provide warranties for individual projects. Warranty periods offered are dependent on project details and complexity. Requests for very long warranty periods may necessitate increased membrane thicknesses to ensure longevity. Contact your local GCP representative for further details.

Release Date: 02/11/18. The information contained in this product data sheet supersedes all previous versions.

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